(latin: onda = wave)

When Einstein came up with his famous equation E=mc2, he formally recognised that everything is energy. If you've never looked closely at the equation, here's what it means:

E stands for energy


m stands for mass (matter)

c2  means that we're multiplying matter times the speed of light squared (ie, speeding matter up very fast)

So in other words, matter and energy are the same, but one of them (energy) goes MUCH faster. If you could speed up physical matter, to the speed of light squared, it would turn into energy. If you could slow down energy, it would become physical matter.

Therefore, our bodies are simply energy in slow motion. Einstein also said we are "congealed light".

That being the case, we can use specific frequencies to enhance our health. (The other side of the coin is true, too: we can hurt our health with frequencies. We already know that is the case if we think about the effects of radiation.)

The Ondamed is a biofeedback-controlled frequency generator that uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to transport the energy patterns into the body. Click here to see details on the manufacturer's website.

When using the Ondamed device, your pulse is monitored. A change in strength indicates that the frequency is appropriate and correct, so the treatment proceeds. The testing and treatment is non-invasive and gentle. The results speak for themselves.