Live Blood Analysis

A 'universe' of health information

Viewing a single drop of your own blood, enlarged 500 times and displayed on a screen, it’s easy to believe you’re peering at a whole different universe. There are circular cells flowing past, some squeezing to get around others that appear to be stuck, some grouping together, many with perfect round shapes, a few look like flying saucers, and in the dark background there appears to be star dust. Suddenly in the middle of everything a big sparkling white object appears – a white blood cell. The sparkling effect tells us it is alive and awake. This microworld is your blood – alive, right before your eyes.

Live blood analysis is useful for much more than an interesting viewing experience. Using only a drop of blood, your naturopath can investigate the size, shape, ratios and structure of the red cells, white cells and platelets in your blood.

Because you can see it on a TV screen, you can take a part in understanding your health problems and challenges. After analysis of your living blood, your naturopath can develop effective treatment protocols, tailor-made to your particular needs. Together you can understand the effects of lifestyle and environment on your body and how they can be adjusted to improve your health.

Periodic live blood analysis allows you to check the progress of your treatment on the way to better health.