Bio-Resonance Therapy

The concepts of acupuncture and homoeopathy
combined with German precision engineering


Bioresonance therapy involves the use of a highly sophisticated device to measure the energy flow in your meridians. Our bodies function by using a subtle form of electricity. If the energy level is too low or high in certain areas, the health of those areas will be adversely affected. This concept is a basic tenet of acupuncture.

BioKat MV BioResonance device (5th generation MORA technology)

However, bioresonance treatment differs dramatically from acupuncture! While the acupuncturist will use needles to stimulate the flow of energy through the meridians, the Bioresonance device determines which energy patterns are healthy (no needles), and then feeds these patterns back into your body at an amplified level. In this way your energy meridians are balanced effectively and painlessly.

In addition, the device isolates the unhealthy energy patterns and inverts them. This has the effect of cancelling them out. (You may be familiar with noise-cancelling headphones. They cancel out the background noise in the same way, to enhance your listening experience.)

The bioresonance device can do much more than this. One useful type of application is to determine which supplements, cosmetics or dental materials are most suitable for you -- those that improve the energy balance of your meridians. This is done in the clinic, there is no waiting for test results. Therefore you can be assured that whichever products you purchase (or dental materials your dentist uses) will be the optimal ones for you.

Conversely, we can easily determine which foods or chemicals bring your energy out of balance. If you are sensitive to a particular food, this can be tested.

A picture says a thousand words. Below are photos taken of blood in darkfield microscopy, before and after bioresonance treatment. You can see that the blood cells are clumped together in the before photo (rouleaux), and spread out in the after photo.

After Bioresonance Before Bioresonance


In health, each blood cell has a negative charge on its cell membrane, which causes each cell to repel other cells. The rouleaux effect is caused by a loss of the natural negative charge of each cell, so some cells have a more positive charge, causing them to be attracted to the negatively charged cells. This impedes blood flow through our capilliaries, whose inner linings are also negatively charged.

After the bioresonance treatment, as seen in the photo, the cellular charge has been returned to its proper state allowing the cells to stay separated. When separate, they can flow freely, and circulate to transfer oxygen efficiently to the organs and tissues.


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As seen in Good Health magazine, October 2012 issue!

Marguerite was featured in Good Health magazine in an article on bioresonance therapy.

Perhaps this will help to get the message out, that there are wonderful healing modalities just waiting to be discovered.

MORA bioresonance therapy was invented in the 1970's and is quite commonly used by doctors, dentists and natural health practitioners in Europe. In Australia it is not very well known -- yet!

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