Welcome to Chiron Health Care

Please note: Due to overwhelming demand, our wait list became too long so we have had to stop taking new clients. If you were already on the wait list, you will be offered an appointment as soon as one is available.

If you were not on the wait list, but would eventually like to have an appointment, please contact the clinic and give us your email address. We will send an email when we are about to take new clients and open the waitlist again.


The body is a complex ecosystem, much like a forest. Each element is totally connected and integrated with every other element. This is why wholistic methods are so successful for health issues.

Naturopathy is a wholistic form of healing that focuses not just on the physical symptoms of illness, but on the health of the whole person. Only when you address the underlying causes of illness can you achieve true healing. Wholistic treatment stimulates your body's natural process of healing while supporting and strengthening each element in the body's ecosystem.

Often people who participate in naturopathic treatment find that many unrelated health problems ‘magically’ disappear. In reality, their bodies are supported enough that they can heal themselves.

This clinic specialises in bioresonance testing and therapy to balance the energy system of the body. Naturopaths will always start with the approach of wholism. Nutritional advice or instructions, therapeutic diets, herbal medicine, flower essences, and homoeopathy may also be offered, in order to enhance your body's ability to heal.

The initial consultation

The first consultation lasts 2 hours. There is much information to collect about your current and past health history, diet, lifestyle, sleep patterns, and exposure to toxins and electromagnetic fields. 
During the initial consultation you will be tested for heavy metal and chemical burdens, your levels of electromagnetic stress will be assessed, and the health of all major organs of your body will be evaluated. The test results are available immediately.

All of this helps us to understand your current health challenges and priorities for treatment, which can then be explained to you. It also ensures the treatment will concentrate on the underlying causes of sub-optimal health and support your needs.

During the initial consultation you will receive your first bioresonance treatments to start the initial detoxification, and to support your most vulnerable organs or organ systems. You will receive a personal plan of therapy (in the form of a prioritised "to do" list) so that you can track your progress as your health improves. Tests will be repeated as appropriate at future consultations so that we can continually monitor your progress and apply the optimal treatment each time.

Health fund rebates apply to all consultations.